Lisbon Resident Trooper Adams Graduates 6th Grade DARE Class

This article was published on: 03/12/20 7:16 PM by Mike Minarsky

On March 10th… the Sixth Grade Class at Lisbon Central School held a very special graduation! It marks the end of an amazing DARE year for all of the boys and girls according to Lisbon Resident State Trooper Robert Adams. They celebrated by handing out gifts, awards, and ice cream!

Two students were selected for having written the best DARE Essay. These essays were to reflect on what they had earned and what DARE meant to them. As a reward, these two students will be given a ride to school by Trooper Adams in his police cruiser!

Trooper Adams went ahead and Thanked all for an amazing year, and he looks forward to seeing students in the future and already excited for next years Sixth Grade class.

Source:  Lisbon Resident State Trooper Facebook Page

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