Lisbon Records it’s First Positive Coronavirus Patient

This article was published on: 03/25/20 8:11 PM by Mike Minarsky

The latest statistics are out as of Wednesday March 25

Positive Cases- 875

Deaths- 19

New London County – 9

Windham County – 2

Currently, Norwich has 2 positive cases, and Lisbon now has listed their first 2 positive cases

More as it comes available


4 Responses to “Lisbon Records it’s First Positive Coronavirus Patient”

  1. toto

    how? why ? aint people taking this seriously wash your hands and stay away from everyone come on people so we all can go back to living what is left of our lives please

  2. Corywetherbysr

    Exactly I live in lisbon. How do you not listen to your health advisors and take it seriously. I don’t want to go to the store because of this. Because I don’t know if they shopped in are town of lisbon and first select man won’t say nothing if they did. He a scum bag and shouldn’t be a first selectman to not address this with local stores in Lisbon.

  3. Mamafrog57

    Wow, Cory. Seriously? Because out 1st selectman won’t reveal who the people are, which by law he can’t, you have to trash him? Would you want your name all over the place if it was you? Without your permission? He’s being a responsible leader. I would just assume that they did shop in local stores, as most of us residents do.

  4. Concerned Citizen with heart problem

    I agree with Cory. In a pandemic, hippa laws should not be valid. A name does not need to be revealed but company where they worked, etc. General public needs to know if they were affected. If this person was working at mcdonalds around people and handling food wouldnt you want to know? If I was this person, I would feel obligated to inform the public not hide it.

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