Lisbon Man Arrested For Domestic Violence and Weapons Charges after Threat was Heard

This article was published on: 03/2/18 8:29 PM by Mike Minarsky

On March 1, 2018, Troop E in Montville received a 911 call from a victim reporting domestic violence and that the accused made threatening remarks about shooting people and committing suicide by cop. Resident Troopers from Lisbon, Jewett City, and Sprague responded to the residence in Lisbon, as well as other patrol troopers from Troop E in Montville. The accused, 37 year old Eric Gervais was located at the residence on Kinsman Hill Rd. He was arrested without incident for the domestic dispute charges. As part of the investigation, a brief search of the home revealed numerous firearms, including an unregistered assault weapon, a sawed off shotgun, several handguns, high capacity magazines, ammunition, potential bomb making materials, military manuals that instruct on how to create an imporvised explosive device. Anti Government literature was also found. Many agencies assisted including Connecticut State Fire Police, the Explosive Investigations Unit, the United States Bureau of Alcohol, the Tabacco and Firearms Office, the Connecticut State Police Emergency Services Unit, and Detectives from the Eastern District Major Crime Squad. The Lisbon Resident Trooper was granted a search and seizure warrant to seize the items listed in this report. An arrest warrant was also granted for the weapons criminal charges, Possession of an assault weapon, Possession of large capacity magazines, Possession of a sawed off shotgun, and Bomb manufactring materials. Gervais was taken into custody on the above mentioned domestic related charges and re-arrested at Norwich Superior Court for the weapons charges. Gervais is being held on $200,000 court set bond.

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  1. Annette Roberts

    It’s gotten to the point where you don’t even know who lives next to you. What’s worse is someone who lives in the same house and is aware of the Deadly Weapons that this person has and doesn’t report it is also Guilty of what could have been another Severe FATALITY OF HUMAN LIFE.

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