Liquor Store Compliance Checks Discover Violations in 2 Plainfield Package Stores

This article was published on: 05/4/18 3:39 PM by Mike Minarsky

On Thursday, May 3rd Members of the Plainfield Police Department and Agents from the State of Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection’s Liquor Control Division conducted compliance checks at eleven (11) convenience stores, grocery stores and package stores within the Town of Plainfield. The Officers and Agents were assisted by a volunteer minor who was provided instruction and trained prior to the operation. Of the eleven locations that were tested for compliance; two failed by allegedly selling alcohol to the minor. The premises that allegedly failed are: – COST CUTTER LIQUORS OF PLAINFIELD, 83 Lathrop Rd Plainfield, CT – VILLAGE FOOD MART, 65 East Main St Central Village, CT The operation was a result of complaints received by the Plainfield Police Department regarding the selling of alcohol to minors by businesses licensed to sell alcohol. The businesses that failed the compliance checks are subject to administrative penalties through the Department of Consumer Protection.

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  1. Romeo Blackmar

    Well done Plainfield Police Department. Compliance checks are one of the most effective ways of keeping alcohol out of the hands of minors.

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