Less Infractions On Connecticut Roads Memorial Day Weekend 2017 Over Last Year

This article was published on: 05/29/17 9:35 PM by Mike Minarsky

Connecticut State Police have been conducting enforcement throughout the state this past Memorial Day Weekend and violations are lower in every category over last year.  However, there were a total of 3 fatalities last year on Connecticut roadways as well as this year.  The fatalities this year were due to 2 accidents, one of which was a double fatality and last year, 1 accident resulting in 3 fatalities

The infractions that were incurred are the following:

  1.  2017 – 719 Speeding with 829 in 2016
  2.  2017 – 668 Seatbelt and 791 in 2016
  3.  2017 – 31 DUI Arrests and 47 in 2016
  4.  2017 – 302/48 Crashes/with Injury and 350/47 in 2016

The Connecticut State Police, founded in 1903, is the largest law enforcement agency in the State of Connecticut. More than 1,100 troopers from eleven barracks and dedicated units patrol more than 7,000 miles of roadway and serve as the primary law enforcement agency for 79 towns in Connecticut, totaling 2,600 square miles. The agency has a variety of specialized resources which enhance the ability of Troopers to investigate and solve crimes, as well as assist local, state and federal

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