Leshawn Cecil: 58 Years in Prison for the Murder of Jaclyn Wirth

This article was published on: 04/29/17 7:44 PM by Mike Minarsky

On December 14, 2011… just 11 days before Christmas, Jaclyn Wirth, mother of two young boys (only 7 and 2 at this time) was murdered when Leshawn Cecil fired nine shots through her door. Jaclyn was only 26 years old. During the subsequent trial, prosecution said that Cecil drove to Wirth’s home to try and collect a debt from her fiance, Michael Boyce’s, brother Ezekiel Boyce. Neither man was present at her home that evening. Three years after Jaclyn Wirth’s death, Cecil (age 36) was arrested in February 2015. During the course of that trial, Christopher Duby; Cecil’s attorney, had tried to file three different motions. The first was asking to overturn the guilty verdict due to “insufficient evidence” and the other two were to get Cecil a new trial. Specifically, one was to state that videos of two witnesses (who were against Cecil) shouldn’t have been shown and the other was to state that a FBI expert should not have been able to testify about cell phone locations of Cecil and his company the night of the murder.

Jaclyn Wirth’s family members have been present and held strong for her two sons, Sergio and Kiki. Peggy Lufkin, Jaclyn’s aunt, and her husband Ron now take care of Jaclyn’s two sons. Judge Barbara Jongbloed feels as though “This senseless violence must come to an end.” Assistant State’s Attorney Stephen Carney, who prosecuted Cecil, felt close to the Wirth family and saw the massive support they had for each other. When Judge Jongbloed sentenced Cecil, she made sure to charge him to 10 years for carrying a dangerous weapon as well, but the sentence will run simultaneously. Leshawn Cecil will spend 58 years in prison.

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