Leighton Morris Takes the Reins As New Program Director at Wolverine Radio

This article was published on: 12/30/15 4:12 PM by Mike Minarsky

Leighwr-dj-leightonton Morris has been promoted to Program Director of Wolverine Radio. Leighton has been incredibly dedicated to this project and has been with the station nearly a year now. I got a chance to talk to Leighton Morris when he was voice tracking for RADIO BUZZ 101, also based here in Connecticut while doing overnights. I have to say that we are fortunate to have Leighton with Wolverine! Have you googled him? Have you looked at the different Facebook groups dedicated to bring him back to on air king status doing the “Breakfast Show” in England? I was talking to then Wolverine Radio copywriter¬†Stephanie Bonds one evening online, and mentioned Leighton to her. Her immediate response was, “How the hell did you get Leighton Morris?” as she would listen to him here in the states. Bottom line is that Leighton is a professional through and through, as well as caring how the product sounds not only within his own show, but the entire station which makes him the perfect choice to move the station forward. Please join me in congratulating Leighton in his new role here at Wolverine Radio! Cheers Mate!

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