Lamont: Students May Not Return to School Until Fall

This article was published on: 03/24/20 4:27 PM by Mike Minarsky

[pms-login] Yesterday, Governor Lamont announced that students may be able to go back to school by April 20th, but in a radio interview with CBS radio today, Lamont said that students may not be able to return until fall.

The positive cases in Connecticut remain at 415 with a reported 10 deaths.

In a statement from the Governors office, it says…

“The governor is looking at this public health crisis as  potentially lasting a longer period of time than initially thought, which he said publicly  before and is and is consistent with federal CDC suggestions of class cancellations for 6-8 weeks. The goal is to have frank discussions with superintendents and the education community as the situation unfolds.  Gov. Lamont is telling school systems they must be prepared for a potentially unprecedented break from classes being held in schools as a result of the coronavirus to ensure students, teachers, staff, and parents are safe.”

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