Killingly Wants To Extinguish The Smoking Lamp

This article was published on: 04/24/16 12:53 AM by Curt

After a fire at the Maple Court apartments in Killingly in February, the Killingly Housing Authority proposed that smoking be prohibited at two elderly and disabled housing complexes in Killingly, the Maple Court and Birchwood Terrace complexes.

This week the housing authority is looking to fine tune their proposal first to make certain that nobody’s rights are being violated, and also the possibility of grandfathering those who are already smokers.

The February fire was the result of an elderly resident who was smoking and fell asleep. At the present time, smoking is permitted in residents homes, but is prohibited in any common areas.

Initially the Housing Authority was looking at permitting smoking at a 10-foot distance from the buildings, but they are concerned about second hand smoke traveling to neighboring apartments.

The housing authority will take up discussions about extinguishing the smoking lamp at residences again in June. Some residents have moved their smoking outdoors since the fire and other are attempting to quit. The housing authority is working to offer a smoking quitting program for interested residents.

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