Killingly Taking Over Responsibility of Sidewalks for $560,000

This article was published on: 07/14/16 9:43 PM by Curt


Killingly is set to receive a state Department of Transportation grant in the amount of $560,000, through the Northeastern Connecticut Council of Governments. All it has to do to receive the grant money is take over responsibility of several sidewalks previously under the control of the Borough of Danielson. With the grant money, Killingly will be responsible for replacing crumbling walkways on Main Street and several more sidewalks previously slated for upgrades.

The sidewalk project will focus on those north of Route 12, which includes those on the west side from Academy to Hutchins streets and from Academy to Broad Street on the east side Decorative stamped concrete will be added, but not the lighting and planters that were included in the south-end project.

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