Killingly Sewers Stuffed

This article was published on: 02/19/16 12:27 AM by Curt

Residents of Killingly who have been flushing their used baby wipes down the drain, are now costing the town thousands of dollars to repair the sewage systems. The town council has approved the use of $40,000 from the town capital non-recurring accounts fund to replace gummed-up equipment at the Water Pollution Control plant which has been caused by the constant flushing of baby wipes into the sewage system.

Despite claims on the packaging that baby wipes are flushable, the strips of plastic contained in the wipes twist and bind and are clogging the sewage system. The flushed wipes will eventually degrade, but not for another twenty or more years.

The damages caused have reduced the life expectancy for some pieces of equipment at the Water plant by almost half term.

The town is working with the state in hopes of getting design approval for a nearly $26 million upgrade to the Water plant.

Killingly residents are being asked to please not flush any wipes into the sewage system and dispose of them by another means.

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