Killingly Residents Must Request Refunds

This article was published on: 05/11/16 9:38 PM by Curt

Killingly residents who overpay their tax bills must now request refunds from the Town of Killingly. Killingly has ceased automatically sending out checks for over-payments of less than $5. Taxpayers tend to round up the amount of their payments to the next higher dollar amount, which previously required the town to send out refund checks for over-payments.

On Tuesday, the Town Council voted to discontinue this practice, which can cost the town between $15 and $20 to track down the over-payment and make restitution. From May 15 to June 30th, the town will publish a list of people who overpaid their taxes. The list will be posted at Town Hall, the library and community center.

Any uncollected overpaid taxes will be funneled into the town’s general fund.

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