Kevin Graney: There are no positive cases of COVID-19 at EB

This article was published on: 03/24/20 9:54 PM by Mike Minarsky

In a video posted by Electric Boat President Kevin Graney, he spoke on initiatives that have been set into motion by Electric Boat in regards to slowing down the spread of the coronavirus.

Graney stated that priorities included the safety and health of it’s workers and staff and will continue working since they are essential to the Department of Defense, National and Local Governments. Graney also thanked everyone for their patience.

In one section of the video Graney stated “adapted to control it’s spread by limiting non essential services like the gymnasium and curtailing some cafeteria services. We/ve reduced or nearly eliminated travel, curtailed training, and encouraged virtual meetings and reduced meeting size. We’ve also enable telecommunting while working from home to the maximun extent practical, and we are looking to further expand that capability.”

It was also made a point that there were no positive cases of COVID-19 (at the time of the video) at Electric Boat. There is also a website, that has all of the companies communications regarding coronavirus.

You can watch the entire video by clicking on it below.

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