“Keep Griswold Quiet” Petition to Move Forward

This article was published on: 06/1/16 2:32 AM by Mike Minarsky

keep griswold quietAs residents walked into Griswold High School tonight for the Griswold Board of Selectmans special meeting, there was a man with a megaphone playing the sounds of gunshots out of his smartphone for the arriving residents to hear before listening to the Board as well as the town’s attorney’s.  Sitting in the front off to the left, I wanted to keep an eye on how many people were attending the special meeting.  Just before the First Selectman brought the meeting to order, about half of the High School Auditorium was occupied and from what I am assuming is occupied by people belonging to the “Keep Griswold Quiet” group that petitioned the meeting in the first place.  Although this was not a public meeting, and this was not a “town meeting” where people could voice their views on the possibility of a gun range, it is only assumed that the folks in attendance were mainly from the aforementioned group by the thunderous applause that would accompany the motioned that was carried by the entire Board of Selectman.


After the First Selectman opened the meeting he invited Anthony Cardin to say a few words on behalf of his organization that is responsible for obtaining over 200 signatures.  Cardin spoke for approximately 10 minutes stating that he has heard quite a bit that there was “Nothing that they could do.”


The attorney’s that represent Griswold also represented the town of Willington and there bid to squash the State Police Gun Range from being built.  It was stated at the meeting that the “jump off point” was $100,000 for research from different specialists such as environmentalists, Botanists, Wildlife research.


2nd Selectman Steve Merchant motioned to have the next step go to the Board of Finance to vote on whether or not the town should appropriate the sum of $100,000 towards research and findings on whether or not a Gun Range is appropriate for the town or not.  If it gets past the Finance Board, then it would go to a town meeting, then to a referendum where the residents of Griswold will have the chance to vote to make the funds available.  There will be another informational meeting next week.  We invite you to stay tuned to Wolverine Radio and www.wolverine-radio.com


Also, “Keep Griswold Quiet” will be guests on Wolverine Radio’s Wake-Up in the 8am hour this Wednesday morning

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