Jewett City Savings Bank Foundation supports arts and culture with $4.5K in awards

This article was published on: 03/12/19 9:33 PM by Mike Minarsky

JEWETT CITY, CONNECTICUT, March 12, 2019… Five area arts and culture organizations will share $4,500 in grants awarded recently by the Jewett City Savings Bank Foundation. The awards will help the groups achieve a variety of individual goals.
The Voluntown Historical Society will devote its $1,000 Foundation grant to the removal and mitigation of lead paint on the exterior of the historic Wylie Schoolhouse. The Eastern Connecticut Performing Arts Association in Griswold will purchase technology equipment with its $1,000 award. Opera New England of Northeastern Connecticut will use its $1,000 grant to help fund the Children’s Educational Opera and Symphony program in elementary schools in Northeastern Connecticut.
The Preston Historical Society will use its $1,000 Foundation award for the installation of an era-appropriate walkway to the Long Society Meetinghouse. In Canterbury, the Finnish American Heritage Society will apply its $500 grant to obtaining professional support to determine the value of the Finnish language archive publications.
“We’re pleased to help these groups accomplish projects of importance to them and their community,” said Kevin Merchant, Jewett City Savings Bank president and CEO.
The arts and culture grants were among 68 awards totaling over $78,000 made by the Jewett City Savings Bank Foundation in 2018.

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