Jewett City Has Dropped To A Single Resident State Trooper

This article was published on: 06/29/17 4:09 PM by Mike Minarsky

Wednesday evening was the last day that the borough of Jewett City had 2 resident state troopers. At the last borough Freeman’s Meeting on May 22, the borough residents voted to eliminate one Trooper in favor of lower taxes instead of an increase. Warden Al Geer was in favor of keeping 2 troopers.  Burgess Laurie Sorder stated in a message,  “Speaking for myself, I wasn’t against keeping two troopers.  I was very much in favor of having the 2 Troopers.  We had been informed that the state was imposing 100% fees and we put those options out to the taxpayers for their vote.  We are and some still are determined to research other police protection options.”

Tracie Jencks, a long time resident of the Borough and Town says “Living where I do, I see just about everything from weekly Domestic issues, evidence of drug activity to 8 out of 10 drivers running stop signs. There had been a heightened police presence because of these issues as well As many others that I’m thankful to not be aware of. The Heroin epidemic is a real threat to this community. That in itself drives people to be involved in anything from petty theft to grand larceny. A Lack of police presence will be felt in town for sure.”

Due to the vote, Resident Trooper Adam Chittick will remain as resident Trooper and Trooper Russ Cote will be leaving his post and rumor has it that he will be joining Troop D in Danielson. Since the borough has dropped down to one trooper, coverage will be back filled by the Connecticut State Police North Patrol.


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