Jewett City Gas Station Targeted During Labor Day Morning Burglaries

This article was published on: 09/9/20 11:56 AM by Mike Minarsky

Surrell’s Restaurant wasn’t the only break ini burglary early Monday morning.  Bestway convenience store was also broken into the same evening.  Culprits smashed in the front door to gain access to the store and went behind the counter.  As a policy, Bestway leaves their cash drawer wide open so potential thieves can see that there is no cash in the drawer, however, they did find a safe and stole it since it wasn’t bolted down.

They thieves were in the store for less than 3 minutes.  Nothing else was taken that was reported.

There is video of the break in, however, the thieves are said to be wearing face coverings and hard to identify during the theft.  The burglary is under investigation with State Police and it’s not known if it is connected to the burglary at Surrell’s Restaurant.

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