Intermittent Power Outages Throughout the Borough On New Year’s Day

This article was published on: 01/1/18 11:38 PM by Mike Minarsky

At approximately 6 PM, There were a couple of power outages that lasted only seconds, then the power would come right back on again. In speaking to the head of the Jewett City Department of Public Utilities, Ken Sullivan, he stated that they are looking for the issue at the moment. He also said that it could be a varying amount of issues that is causing the intermittent problem. Sullivan said “We are at the substation now and it would even be easier to find the issue is the power was just staying off. The intermittent issue makes it harder. ” Sullivan also stated that he hasn’t heard of any customers that have had a prolonged service outage and it may even be something external that is getting “fed” to JCDPU by Eversource. Wolverine Radio will continue to update when and if new information is available.

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