Inmate Families Protest Outside Corrigan Correctional Institution: “Free Them All”

This article was published on: 04/13/20 2:47 PM by Mike Minarsky

There is currently a protest gathering at Corrigan Correctional Institution chanting “Free Them All.”  Other chants are “All These Cops Have Got To Go.”

From what is understood is that family members of inmates are outside protesting to have their loved ones released because of the spread of COVID-19 within the prison.  State Police are on scene telling people that they need to leave because they are on state property.  The protesters were told that they may protest outside the boundaries of the jail.

The rumor is that the Connecticut Bail Fund, which has an office on New Haven, is attempting to bond a number of  inmates out with low level crimes (mainly drug offenses, immigration issues, Failure to appears) and bonds less than $5000.  A call to the fund has yet to be returned.

More as it comes available


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