If You Were Planning a Town Event…. What Would It Be?

This article was published on: 02/2/20 9:47 PM by Mike Minarsky

What events do you think will be fun that we can have in Eastern Ct that folks will come to? Most of the events that have been in Eastern Connecticut in the past have a severely declining attendance rate. People come on social media and say, “Why don’t we have…” It gets scheduled, then there is no engagement. If you are curious as to WHY events aren’t scheduled, or happening less frequently, it’s because the level of support is minimal.
With that being said, if YOU were the event planner, what event or what kind of event would you create for Eastern Connecticut? Send your submissions (if any) to Mike@snsnonline.com. What would you want for an event? YOU ARE THE PLANNER! How would you do it?

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