Honing Their Leadership Skills

This article was published on: 01/6/16 1:40 PM by Curt

Putnam PRIDE (The Partnership to Reduce the Influence of Drugs for Everyone) is pleased to announce a collaboration between the Student Leadership Program (SLTP) and the Griswold Public Schools. Last year, Putnam PRIDE conducted a leadership training symposium for 100 students from grades 7-12 at Putnam Middle School. This year Putnam invited Griswold High School to participate in the day long training. This effort provided approximately 50 students from each town with training skills essential to leadership, academic achievement and workplace success.

Tuesday, Griswold High School hosted the day long training symposium where students were given the opportunity to hone their skills which are essential to leadership, academic achievement and workplace success.

It is the hope that the training gets students motivated for the coming year and helps them to reach their full potential, not only in the classroom, but also in the community. The symposium, hosted by the staff from the Student Leadership Training Program, sponsors leadership and conferences for adults and student leaders from all over the United States and Canada.

The day was filled with some great discussions on leadership skills and how leaders are made and not born! Students were given an opportunity to participate in skill workshops that gave them insight into the many varied skills required to become good leaders. Communication within the groups was stressed and each student was able to express an opinion without being judged.

5 groups of students (12-16) per group were facilitated by SLTP trainers that have been through an extensive training program with Jim Fitzgerald, PhD who started the program in 1990. The groups consisted of students from Putnam Middle school grades 6-8 Putnam High School grades 9-12 and Griswold High School grades 9-12. This was the second year that SLTP has worked with PRIDE to provide leadership skills training.

This was the first time that Griswold and Putnam schools were able to work together under the Drug Free Communities Mentoring Grant. This year, Putnam PRIDE is offering 12 scholarships to the Summer SLTP for students in Putnam and Griswold and hopes that the planned Symposium generates enthusiasm and interest in attending the summer SLTP at Nichols College.

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