Hillary Lost The Election and You WILL NOT BELIEVE What She Is Planning!!!!

This article was published on: 01/26/17 3:25 AM by Mike Minarsky

pissed off Hillary

There is no way that Hillary can pull off her next venture on her road to the Presidency……What she is planning is INSANE!


Actually that’s not true at all.  This is a fake news post brought you here by a “click bait” headline.  There’s nothing going on here at all.  Millions are fooled and tricked on Facebook every single day with pictures based on sensationalism.  When you click it’s usually some weird story that is going no where.  The only thing going are all the advertisements that load on your phone/device taking up your data that you pay dearly for.

If you see that the “article” is from a website that you have never heard of, google it.  One site I looked at claims that Madeline Albright has announced that she is ready to register as a Muslim.  It intrigued me, so I did a web search.  All that came back were these sites that I had never heard of.  Why not the New York Times?  CNN? FOX? MSNBC?  Reuters?  None had this article listed.  Matter of fact one of the sites I went on, the page loaded and as soon as I clicked on a link of a story that looked amusing, another tab on my browser opens up telling me that i needed to download software that they are offering so I won’t be tracked.  Guess what happened when I tried to close that tab?  Another opened.  I had to go into my computer’s task manager to close out the browser completely.  I didn’t want my browser getting hijacked!

Before you click on any of these stories, take a look at the web site that is hosting it which should be just below where you click.  Chances are it’s nothing more than an attempt to get you to see ads that if you click on, either on purpose or by an error, they get paid on.  This is how they make money and sometimes an easy way to pick up a virus.

Happy Save Surfing 🙂

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