Hartford Resident Claims to be Sovereign Citizen After Committing Murder

This article was published on: 08/1/20 8:26 PM by Mike Minarsky

Jerry Thompson, a Hartford man disputing the amount of rent that was owned, killed his landlord by using a sword to cut off his head.  Jerry Thompson was said to be waving a long shiny sword at his landlord in a “threatening and terrorizing manner” as stated in the arrest warrant.  Victor King, the landlord, called the police stated that the dispute then turned violent.  King then gave Thompson’s phone number to police in order to come to a conclusion to the dispute.

The next day, police received 2 calls, one from a neighbor and another from a friend that were concerned with King’s safety. Police did respond to the scene where they found Victor King’s body which had was now decapitated.  They found him under numerous layers of bedding.

The medical examiner stated that the wounds King had suffered were consistent to those to a large edged weapon.  King also had lacerations on his right arm as well as his chest.

Police reviewed surveillance footage which showed Thompson entering the building with a large shiny object.  An arrest warrant was issued at this point using the footage and King’s call, charging Thompson with murder.

Once arrested, Thompson refused to talk to police but stated that there is a “paper in the glove compartment in the Jeep is all you need to know.”  Thompson believes himself to be a sovereign citizen, who is someone that they are not subject to any statutes and interprets the law in their own way.

Thompson was arraigned in Hartford Superior Court and has a court set bond of $2,000,000.

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