Griswold Voters Pass Both Government and Education Budgets at Referendum

This article was published on: 07/12/17 1:22 AM by Mike Minarsky

Griswold Voters went to the polls on Tuesday to decide whether or not to accept Budgets prepared by the town and the board of education. Both budgets were passed on the first try this year. The totals are as follows

Griswold General Government

Yes – 553

No – 320


Education Budget

Yes – 499

No – 370

Less than 7% voted

If the projected numbers set forth by the Board of Finance are accurate, this means the current mill rate will increase from 27.06 to 27.61, +.55. ┬áThis means that a home valued at $150,000 will have their taxes raised by $82.50 annually. ┬áThis will be finalized at Wednesday’s Board of Finance meeting, 7pm, Griswold Town Hall


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