Griswold Superintendent Sean McKenna: Few Options Available To Get To This Million Dollar Cut

This article was published on: 05/11/20 12:23 PM by Mike Minarsky

The Griswold school budget is a hot topic right now after the Board of Finance sent back both the government, Capital, and Education budgets back to be tweaked and have cuts made. The education budget needs slimmed down by 1.27 Million according to the board of finance. There’s not a lot of low hanging fruit to pick from this year when it comes to trimming the budget. In a special meeting of the board of education last week, Superintendent Sean McKenna suggested that A way to make cuts this year is through offering Voluntary Retirement Incentive Plan (VRIP) to Certified Staff which has been presented to the Board of Education and crafted by the Board’s Attorney. Sean Mckenna stated that the Griswold Public Schools administration is behind this initiative. The motion for this was passed with a 5-2 in favor of the option. The opposing board members were Stuart Norman and Marty Osga, who didn’t like the idea at all. Osga stated, “Personally I think this is a bad idea. I think we all know that we are in a bad situation right now. I don’t care how you look at it, I see it as a lose lose for the Board of Education.” Osga went on to state that with the payouts for the VRIP program, there is only going to be $16,000 in savings per participant.

Mckenna responded by saying that “We are in extraordinary times and that a slew of parents have contacted him concerned about this draconian cut. I have few options to get to this million dollar cut.”

Board of Education Jennifer Norman, who voted yes to the proposal stated in a Facebook Message to SNSN Radio on why she voted yes, “My approval of the motion to allow the superintendent of schools to offer a retirement incentive was grounded in two lines of reasoning. The first was the guidance of our attorney that encouraged us to see this approval as the foundation work of what maybe to come next. The second was to support our superintendent in pursuing avenues of cost savings as directed by the board of finance.


Here is how the board voted: Yvonne Palasky – Yes Joyce Rice – Yes Marty Osga – No Shannon Webster – Yes Stuart Norman – No Jennifer Norman – Yes Mary Beth Malin (Chair) – Yes

The Griswold Board of Education has a regular meeting scheduled on Monday evening at 6 PM which is available online. To access the meeting, use this link: You can also join by phone be calling 262-674-8579 and using PIN: 581 104 467#

Please make sure to turn your cameras and microphones off to lessen the noise and feedback.

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