Griswold Seniors Get Big Win At the Polls Tuesday Night

This article was published on: 11/30/16 2:46 AM by Mike Minarsky


The Seniors in the town of Griswold have been waiting for Tuesday to get here since that is the day town residents were to vote on whether or not the town would match a grant from the state that’s been bonded since 2011.  The town will receive $343,000 if they match it by 1/3 or $114,500.  If the town does not appropriate the funds, they risk losing it and according to First Selectman Kevin Skulczyck, “I don’t think you’ll get it back.”

The first step in the process was holding a town meeting at Griswold High School to vote in whether or not there was going to be a referendum at all.  After getting many viewpoints from residents at the meeting as well as a well prepared presentation from Senior Center Director, Tina Faulk, the town overwhelming voted 72-1 to send this issue to referendum.

On Tuesday, the Polls opened at 6am at both the Griswold (district 1) and Pachaug (district 2) Town Halls and remained open until 8pm.  The votes were counted and the end result wasn’t terribly different than what the town meeting had shown.

District 1 had 219 Yes and only 28 No votes.  District 2 had 252 Yes and 51 No, making the total 471 Yes and 79 No.  Faulk said after the referendum that she was “relieved but there is still a long road ahead of us.  We’re looking forward to getting to work.”

At this time, the proposed new Senior Center is targeted for a parcel of land next to McCluggage Manor on Taylor Hill.


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