Griswold PRIDE Launches New Media Campaign to Prevent Underage Drinking

This article was published on: 06/14/16 9:16 PM by Mike Minarsky

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Griswold, CT June 14, 2016: The Griswold Partnership to Reduce the Influence of Drugs for Everyone collaborated with the Griswold High School Student Council to create an original marketing campaign, focusing on positive social norms. Social norms marketing is a research-based strategy that aims to correct the perceptions students have about common behaviors among their peers.

PRIDE Coordinator, Miranda Nagle, from CHR’s Prevention Department, states, “It doesn’t tell students what to do, but educates them about what their peers are actually doing. It focuses on the positive and the healthy decisions of the majority. I am so proud of this campaign and the students’ creativity and passion for it.”

All GHS students were surveyed in November 2015, to gauge student consumption patterns of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. The data showed that 3 out of 4 Griswold High Students have NEVER drank alcohol. In fact, most GHS students believe it is harmful to drink alcohol regularly.

The design and message of this campaign was completely student driven. A student subcommittee was formed in March, and quickly got to work. They reviewed the student survey data to decide which statistics to use for their campaign. Logo and poster designs were then created by the students, as well as a marketing strategy.

The campaign kicked off the week of senior prom, with over 100 posters hung in classrooms and hallways, as well as brochures for faculty members explaining the reasoning behind the campaign. Student council members collected signatures on a large banner, showing their support for the campaign and pledging to be one of the MAJORITY of GHS students who don’t drink alcohol. Students also received custom labeled bottled water and pens that promoted the campaign message. Students even worked with Wolverine Radio to write and record their own radio PSA, which is now airing.

Other local businesses joined the collaboration as well. Jewett City Greenhouse placed campaign stickers on all prom corsage and boutonniere packages, so students were hit with the message right before they left for prom. Surrell’s Pizza is also placing the sticker on every pizza box that goes out.

Bert Surrell, owner of Surrell’s Pizza states, “We are partnering with Griswold PRIDE to help prevent underage drinking in our community. As parents of 4 kids, it hits home for us. I think underage drinking leads to other improper decisions due to unclear thinking. These children are our future and they need to stay on track with school, work, and family. If we as a community can help even one child to not start drinking maybe it will open the door to help other children.”

Jan Demicco, owner of JC Greenhouse, received all positive feedback from the stickers at prom time. “Parents were happy to see the stickers and grateful that we as a local business, decided to promote this important message.”

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