Griswold Pride Holds National Drug Take Back Event Which Helps to Stop Drugs Getting to the Street

This article was published on: 10/29/17 11:50 PM by Mike Minarsky

Saturday October 28th marked the 6th time that Griswold Pride (Partnership ro Reduce the Influence of Drugs for Everyone) has participated in the National Drug Take Back Day event. There are 2 events nationally every year. Griswold Pride has been involved for the past 3 years. There was another Drug Take Back event that Griswold Pride organized in 2017 completely separate of the National events when a mobile Take Back Day was organized with the help of Pride coordinator Miranda Nagle and other Pride representatives.

This event was a little different since Pride’s coordinator, Miranda Nagle was not present however led by other coalition members such as Kathy Dufficy and Ken Willey. There are significant changes in the Pride organization since the group no longer has any national grant funding. Although Nagle wasn’t at this event, she hasn’t gone away as far as the organization is concerned. Nagle is hoping and confident that funding will continue once again next year. However, Nagle seemingly has set up coalition members for success. Ken Willey stated about this Drug Take Back Day event “The weight was less than we collected last time (but) we saw an increase in cars and we were also able to direct people to permanent boxes in both Plainfield and Norwich police departments.”

Other Pride Members in attendance were Tara Madden, Tina Faulk, John Connolly, Ron Barber, and the Connecticut State Police.

Drug take back events are used to get unused and unwanted medications out of homes so they don’t find a way on to the streets for sale or consumption. Willey also said “This is a positive because it will continue to keep prescriptions out of the hands of kids.” 125 pounds of medications were taken back with 65 cars coming through the convenient drop off location at Griswold Town Hall this past Saturday. National Drug take back event take place in the spring as well as fall. Although Griswold Pride has no funding, you can still make a donation to the organization by dropping off a check or money order made out to “Griswold Pride” at Wolverine Radio, 2 North Main St, Jewett City.

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