Griswold Pride Holds Mobile Drug Take Back Event

This article was published on: 02/22/17 11:37 PM by Mike Minarsky

drug take back feb

Griswold Pride had their very first Mobile drug take back day on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. This drug take back day was a little different than others that have been done in the past. This event spanned over two days instead of one, and it focused on removing unwanted, unused, and expired medications out of senior housing facilities in Griswold.

Miranda Nagle and Resident State Trooper Adam Chittick teamed up to collect medications from the three senior housing facilities . Ashland Manor, McCluggage Manor, and Ledgewood Senior Living. According to Nagle, they collected approximately 30 pounds of meds for safe disposal on Wednesday alone. Nagle stated that they “Created awareness of locking their meds at home for proper storage with our seniors to establish that relationship with them and to look to us as a resource in the Griswold Communnity.”

Today’s event was modeled after Putnam Pride’s and Putnam Police’s mobile drug take back drive which happened to be the first mobile event of it’s kind in the nation. It was also an event that was presented by Putnam Pride at a national conference in Washington D.C. To other coalitions across the country. Griswold Pride is the 2nd coalition to implement this program in the country.

During the event, Griswold Pride also raffled off 2 drug medication safes for people’s homes. The medications collected today are taken to the State Police barracks and entered into evidence, then transported safely to a facility where they are destroyed by incineration. The next Pride Drug Take Back event will be one of the bi-annual events, Saturday, April 29th.

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