Griswold Middle School Start Date and All Grades Equipment Lists

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Griswold Middle School is making preparations for the new year, which begins on Wednesday, August 31 for all students. On Friday, August 26th, the Middle School will be conducting an orientation for all new students to the school at 10:00 a.m. The 5th grade orientation and pizza party will commence at 12:00 p.m.

Supply lists by grade are as follows:

Grade 5 Supply List

*children should come prepared to each class with 2 everyday Erasers Highlighters (minimum 4 for the year) Colored Pencils Crayons Glue stick Pencil Case (one with 3 holes to put in binder preferred) 4 one (1) subject notebooks 5 pocket folders (math, science, social studies, LA and homework) 2 1 –1 ½ inch binders 25 page protectors

Grade 6 Supply List

Pocket Folder for each subject (4) Pocket Folder for Homework Notebook for Math Composition Notebook for Language Arts Spiral Notebook for Language Arts 3 -ring binder for Science USB Flash Drive, preferably with a lanyard Earbuds or Headphones for computer use (does not need to be expensive) Pencils Pens – Blue or Black only Erasers Colored Pencils Highlighter

Grade 7 Supply List

Blue/black pens Pencils Erasers Highlighters Colored pencils Glue stick Hand – held pencil sharpener LA: Composition notebook 3 ring binder 1.5” Math: Notebook Scientific calculator 3 ring binder 1 -1.5” Social Studies: Spiral bound notebook Science: Composition notebook Spiral notebook Folder or binder

Grade 8 Supply List

Homework pocket folder Loose -leaf paper Pens (blue or black ink) Pencils for the year Colored pencils Glue sticks Highlighters Assorted fine line markers Erasers Flash drive Index cards 3” x 5 “ Ruler 30cm/12in Tissues MATH TI (Texas Instrument) 30XA calculator or TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator (strongly recommended for Algebra Students) Notebook – College ruled Pocket folder 2 in. three ring binder LANGUAGE ARTS Spiral notebook – College ruled 2 Pocket folders 2 Marble Composition books – 100 sheets, hardcover SCIENCE 1 in. three ring binder Pocket folder One – subject notebook SOCIAL STUDIES Notebook – College ruled for ISN Pocket folder Colored pencils OPTIONAL SUGGESTIONS Pen/pencil holder

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