Griswold Economic Development Gets Zone Change Approved

This article was published on: 04/14/16 5:01 PM by Mike Minarsky

griswold sealIn Griswold, the Towns Economic Development committee finally got what it wanted on Monday as the towns Planning and Zoning board approved the blending of the C-1 and C-2 commercial zones. Now instead of having special exceptions for 2 categories, now there is only one category to be concerned with. Tom Giard of the Towns EDC told Wolverine Radio that this is an excellent opportunity to tear down a barrier meaning if you are looking at property that was in the C-1 zone but would require a special exception because your business operates under the C-2 Zone, this would require a process through zoning that may take up to 3 months and up to a 10,000 investment and this is with no guarantee that your special exception is going to accepted. Giard states that in the world of business, Time and money dictate what you do. By blending the Zones, Giard says that time frame will be cut in half and reduces cost

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