Griswold Ct Masks for Heroes: Over 6,000 Masks Given Away and/or Donated

This article was published on: 06/1/20 1:25 PM by Mike Minarsky

Ever since the pandemic started to impact the world and Connecticut, Janice Steinhagen of Voluntown wanted to make a difference, and she did… she created a group on Facebook called Griswold Ct Masks for Heroes. The group has grown to over 250 members. Some sew, some pre-wash the fabric, and some run errands and pick up supplies or drop off finished masks. To date, Griswold Ct masks for Heroes has donated over 6000 masks to date.

Steinhagen also says that they have branched out to additional items at the request off local healthcare workers. Items such as scrub caps and ear saving headbands which have buttons that Healthcare workers can hook their mask straps over to take pressure off their ears. Steinhagen goes on to say “Apparently scrub caps (the usually disposable ones) are the new N95’s and impossible to find anywhere. Nurses have been reduced to wearing vinyl shower caps for their 12 hour shifts. The cloth caps are more breathable and can be washed.”

Just as she thinks that the demand is slowing down for her products, requests continue to come in from Meals on Wheels, Bacon Academy faculty members, and from smaller medical offices.

The 6,000 mask mark was reached last weekend, and expect to hit 7,000 in early June.

All masks are being created with donated materials and materials purchased from monetary donations. Some of the Griswold Ft Masks for Heroes group has even been stocking up the giving tree by town hall on Main St Jewett City. The tree is used in the winter time by another organization to put up items to help you keep warm if you don’t have the means to purchase them. Just like the winter items, the masks are up for grabs for anyone that needs or wants one.

All masks have been given away.  Not one mask has been sold for any profit.

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