Griswold COVID-19 Update: 17 Confirmed Cases, Numbers Show Seniors Are Highest Risk Age Group

This article was published on: 04/18/20 10:11 AM by Mike Minarsky

Here’s a tough number to wrap your head around… 56% of all deaths in Ct are people over 80 as well as 78% of all COVID-19 related deaths are people over the age of 70.

With the town of Griswold now at a confirmed 17 COVID-19 positive tests (state numbers are 4-5 days behind), and with the senior population not only the fastest growing demographic, they are also the most at risk as the stats will tell you.  Senior Center Director Tina Faulk and her staff are taking that to heart and doing as much as they can to protect the town’s seniors.

The Griswold Senior Center Director said that this weekend they are making masks for the senior population to wear out in the public. They acquired material and purchased hair ties to put them together for the seniors.  Residents such as Al Geer and Judy Merrill are making calls to seniors in town a couple times per week just to check in with them, which is a daunting task since that adds up to about 400 calls each time.  Faulk also discovered that the seniors weren’t getting any fresh fruit to speak of so the center purchased a case of bananas and a case of oranges and put one piece each at the doors at senior housing. When asked how the seniors are doing with the COVID-19 stats, Faulk added that Most are taking this very serious by staying at home, but like any demographic, some aren’t taking it as serious.

Plus if you’re curious as to how Griswold’s eldest resident is, 106 year old Mama Betty, she’s in re-hab right now for a non life threatening issue and is said to be tough and doing well.

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  1. Janice Steinhagen

    Great news that our seniors are receiving so much support. Let us know if you need more masks, our group Griswold CT Masks for Heroes may be able to help.

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