Griswold Board of Selectmen Decide to Not Recommend Fund Allocation for Gun Range Study

This article was published on: 06/8/16 11:32 PM by Mike Minarsky

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Last night at the Griswold Board of Selectmen special meeting held at Griswold High School, the decision was made to rescind a motion that was made the previous week to recommend the Board of Finance allocate $100,000 for studies related to the proposed State Police Training facility on Lee Road.

The motion was made by 2nd Selectman Steve Merchant, who recently left his post as Finance Board Chair to run for the Board of Selectmen.  The motion was seconded by First Selectman Kevin Skulczyck and not 3rd Selectman Martin Mckinney. Mckinney remained with his original decision to vote for the allocation.  There also may be a small rift in the Board with this motion since Mckinney and Skulczyck are both Republicans, with Merchant being the only Democrat on the current Board of three.

If the motion would have remained, the Finance Board would have to make a decision or not to send this to a referendum.  In a phone conversation with the First Selectman, Skulczyck told Wolverine Radio that there are still a lot of “Unanswered questions from the state.”

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