Griswold Board Of Finance Inching Closer to 2019-2020 Budget

This article was published on: 06/7/19 1:58 AM by Mike Minarsky

Everyone in the 45th District has a budget. Except Griswold, which isn’t to say they aren’t working on it. Plainfield passed their budget on the 2nd try, Voluntown and Lisbon got there’s done on the first shot as well. However, after a very unproductive Board of Finance meeting from earlier in the week where Chairman Scott Davis said that the board should be “ashamed” and worry about the town’s best interests. The board had a special meeting again on Thursday night, and although no cuts were made to the budget on Thursday, according to Davis, Thursday’s meeting “Was a very productive meeting.” Davis states that on Tuesday they hope to have a final budget or be “extremely close to one. Scott Davis will be a guest once again on SNSN this coming Wednesday morning, the morning after the next Special Board of Finance meeting to discuss Griswold Town budget issues.

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