Griswold Board of Education Posts Short Survey Regarding Inclement Weather Days

This article was published on: 02/2/18 7:21 PM by Mike Minarsky

There were a couple of noteworthy items at the latest Griswold Board of Education meeting from January 29, 2018. Superintendent Sean McKenna had noted that there were 6 make up days this school year so far due to inclement weather. McKenna has suggested to have students come in for school on March 9, 2018 which is a planned development day for faculty and a day off for students. He suggested a half day to decrease the make up days by one.

A survery was also created which you can find on the school’s website home page. On the reasoning of a survey instead of making the choice, the Superintendent stated “we simply wanted parent and staff input before just jumping into a decision.” Making March 9th a half school day would still allow faculty to have professional development in the afternoon. The survey is brief and can be taken at following link:

March 9 School Survey

***note*** I completed the survey myself and it took less time to type this sentence to tell you that I took it.

Another item that was discussed at the meeting was the Board heard an initial proposal on the 2018/19 budget. Those who presented were Superintendent Sean McKenna, Curriculum Director, Susan Rourke, and Principals and Assistant Principals at GES, GMS and GHS. This initial budget proposal began budget deliberations for the 2018/19 school year. The Board did not take action this evening and will plan to do so at a future, upcoming Board of Education meeting

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