Griswold Alternative School Student Displays Firearm in Snapchat Videos

This article was published on: 03/23/18 2:17 AM by Mike Minarsky


On March 22, 2018 at approximately 2:15 PM the Plainfield Police Department were notified that the Connecticut State Police Troop E Barracks received a complaint regarding a fourteen year old juvenile student of Griswold Alternative School posting concerning videos on the social media application “Snapchat”. The videos, which were posted earlier in the morning, showed the juvenile displaying a firearm. The juvenile who was determined to be absent from school on the day the video was posted was said to be at a friend’s house located on Seventh Street in Plainfield, Connecticut.

Members of the Plainfield Police Department subsequently responded to the residence and located multiple juveniles, including the individual posting the video. Through investigation despite multiple attempts to mislead officers a loaded firearm was located within the residence. It was determined that the firearm had been brought to the residence by a fifteen year old juvenile student of Ellis Technical High School. The firearm had been taken unbeknownst to a family member.

Both juveniles were taken back the Plainfield Police Department and later arrested on multiple charges. Due to the ages of the individuals no further information will be released.

It should be noted that no direct threat was made or any public safety risk. Both the Griswold School System and Ellis Technical School administrators were notified of the incident.

This case will remain under investigation.

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