Great Griswold Get Together to Get a Couple Changes for 2020

This article was published on: 07/16/19 2:31 AM by Mike Minarsky

Ryan Aubin, Griswold’s Director of Youth and Family services spends countless hours between himself and his staff planning events for Griswold residents and of course people from neighboring towns are welcome to attend as well. This year, a new event was born, entitled the “Great Griswold Get Together” which was held over 4 days at Veterans Memorial Park on Ashland St, in the borough of Jewett City. This event was complete with live bands, carnival rides and games, food trucks, vendors and a scheduled fireworks display.

In the last couple of years, there has been one downside to events in town. Rain and Thunderstorms. Almost every event in the last couple years has either been rained out or at the very least threatened by rain. Last year’s “Stroll” on main st was attended well until the clouds opened up and literally delivered a soaking rain that not only saw the band cancel, but us at SNSN tried to keep playing music with plastic bags over our speakers. Eventually us as well had to pack up due to the pouring rain. This year was the same thing on the Saturday of the event as rain started to fall on the event and the band that was half way through their first set, the “Cover to Cover” band out of Manchester, had to pack up and leave which left Griswold residents taking to social media in doubt of a Fireworks show. The Fireworks show did happen and lasted almost 25 minutes and people were left wanting more. Many residents clamored on how great the finale was, which is the most important part of any fireworks show. It’s what you remember the most. When asked about this years initial “Great Griswold Get Together” event, Ryan Aubin said that there are going to be a couple things different in 2020. “We are removing the vendors and a few good (food) trucks only, a larger carnival, with an inflatable park on the top part of the park. We are also looking to do fireworks again next year. The festival had a low turnout because of the heat, but the fireworks gave us a lot, and I mean a lot of compliments.”

The date of next year’s Get Together has yet to be finalized. Another event to put on your calendar is the big “Youth Center Rocks” concert which will be held on Sunday, September 8th.

Photo Credit: Ryan Hargraves, Eagle Eye LLC

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