Governor Lamont Statement Regarding Procedural Ruling in Rhode Island Truck Toll Case

This article was published on: 12/7/19 2:41 AM by Mike Minarsky

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont today released the following statement regarding a procedural ruling in a truck toll case in Rhode Island:

“Yesterday’s federal circuit court decision in Rhode Island was merely a procedural ruling regarding whether this case should be heard in a federal or state court – nothing more. It did not decide on, or even address, the merits of the case. The ruling says nothing about the strength of the underlying legal challenge to trucks-only tolls, which far from being a burden on interstate commerce are a commonsense way to benefit that commerce by asking the in and out-of-state commercial trucks that do the most damage to our roads to pay their fair share of maintenance and congestion mitigation projects. Earlier today, Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo asserted her confidence that Rhode Island ‘will win our case in federal court’, and I agree.

“Senator Fasano either misunderstands or is greatly exaggerating the court’s decision for political gain. This federal circuit court decision, which is not binding in Connecticut, has simply held that truckers may bring their meritless claims in federal court as well as state court.

“What is not in dispute is that Connecticut must make investments in its transportation infrastructure in order to help grow the state’s economy – something on which Republicans and Democrats agree. Where we disagree is how to pay for it. The Senate and House Democratic caucuses and I have put forward an honest and comprehensive plan to get Connecticut residents and the Connecticut economy moving again by asking those who cause the most damage to our roads and bridges to pay for it. The Republican plan not only gives them a free pass, it asks Connecticut taxpayers to foot the bill and jeopardize the state’s future by raiding $1.8 billion from the rainy day fund. Contrary to Senator Fasano’s allegations, the only proposal that ‘creates serious financial risk for taxpayers’ is the Senate Republicans’ irresponsible plan to raid the rainy day fund and jeopardize the state’s ability to weather an economic recession without cutting services or raising taxes. The consensus Democratic proposal is the only viable plan on the table.”

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