Giuliano’s Bakery Says Goodbye To Jewett City

This article was published on: 04/10/17 1:27 AM by Mike Minarsky

On the front window of Giuliano’s Bakery on Main St is a “Closed” sign.  To look at it, it seemingly means that they are closed for the day.  However, the sign means that they are closed for good and not returning.  The fact is that the Giuliano family had sold the bakery and will once again focus on their store in Niantic.

According to Jack Giuliano a big part of the decision had to do with his eyesight.  Jack had a very difficult seeing at night even to the point where his wife, Margarita, would tell him to leave the bakery to make sure that he got home in time before it got too dark for him to drive.  Along with that, Jack states that he wasn’t able to run the bakery the way he wanted to because of limited time.  He stated that the employees were running the bakery and that was not what he wanted to happen.

The family then made the decision to close the bakery in Jewett City.

Jack Giuliano and his family has sold the bakery.  They have sold it to a man who has a baking background.  Now, don’t get all wild and think that Phil Arremony is coming back into ownership of the bakery, he was not the one that bought it although there were a few rumors circling around that possibly his daughter was interested in purchasing the bakery back and bring it back into the family.  Whether or not there was interest there, The Arremony Family did not buy it back.  Giuliano did not say the name of the new owner but did say that he was from Bridgeport and was planning on moving to Jewett City to run the business.  Jack seems to think that he would be a good fit for Jewett City.  The new bakery will open on or around May 15th of this year.

Giuliano’s Bakery opened in the borough of Jewett City on April 9, 2016.  They closed on April 9, 2017… exactly one year later.


****Personal Note****

I had the pleasure of getting to know the family.  Jack loved it here.  I believe Jack, I sat many an afternoon talking Jewett City with him over the last year with his wife, Margarita.  I also had great conversations with Soraya, Margarita’s daughter regarding the town.  They are a very kind family.  Each one of them, in their own way.  I for one, plan on going to visit them in Niantic now that I know they are there.  I didn’t know of their bakery there until they opened here.  They did make many friends here in town, and I am glad that one of them is me.  i really mean that, and I will miss the bakery under the Giuliano name.  But I will miss the owners even more.

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