Facade Falls Off Jewett City Main St Building and Crashes to the Ground

This article was published on: 03/11/19 3:16 PM by Mike Minarsky

On Sunday evening, at approximately 7:05 PM the facade attached to the building that would be the future site of a new bakery, and Arremony’s bakery in the past, fell off and tumbled onto the sidewalk down below. Residents stated they heard a loud crash as wood shattered as it hit the sidewalk. First Selectman Todd Babbitt came out to survey the damage as well as town building inspector Jack Cipriano. A town resident took it upon them self to clean up the area on the sidewalk to make sure that people had a clear walking path. Luckily, no one was walking by when this happened, and there were no injuries reported…. One resident told SNSN that they had notified the landlord of the issue over a year ago and that it might fall. A backhoe came Monday morning to pick up the facade and haul it away….

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