Electrical Surge Blamed For Phone Recording System Not Working

This article was published on: 07/24/17 10:23 PM by Mike Minarsky

An electrical surge is being blamed for damaging items in the server room at the Plainfield Police Department. Plainfield Police captain Mario Arriaga was present at the last Plainfield Board of Selectmen meeting stating that One of the items affected was the voice logger which records all incoming and outgoing phone calls for 4 regular lines and (2) 911 lines. After the surge happened, the voice logger is not recording these calls. Arriaga stated that This is a liability and safety issue. Since it is an emergency, Arriaga suggested that they forego the bid process to fix the problem. Arriaga also stated that the system had been down for 4 days when asked by First Selectman Paul Sweet. Arriaga said that he knew of a company that was out of Fairfield called “Interactions” that would be able to fix the problem and could do so with a 24-48 hour turn around time, the other companies are 3-6 months. Other companies would have to fly in and “Interactions” is here in Connecticut. Sweet asked if they had done business with them in the past, Arriaga said no, but had many recommendations from other law enforcement organizations. Arriaga also mentioned that other items could wait and that they weren’t asking for any more money. Sweet agreed with Arriaga about the nature of the issue and recommended the bid process is waived for this situation. The other members of the board also agreed as the motion passed.

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