***EDITORIAL*** Ed Burke Makes Derogatory Statements Regarding Griswold

This article was published on: 02/11/18 1:06 AM by Mike Minarsky

Please know, this is not a personal vendetta against Mr. Burke.  Not whatsoever.  At Wolverine Radio, we don’t care what political party you represent.  If you say something harmful and insulting, you should be held accountable.  I dropped an F BOMB on air once and I didn’t hear the end of it for a week.  But, if these are the views of Mr. Burke, he needs to step down from his post as Selectman.  That is our opinion at Wolverine Radio.  No one fixes anything by making these statements.  No one.








3 Responses to “***EDITORIAL*** Ed Burke Makes Derogatory Statements Regarding Griswold”


    I see nothing overly critical in his comments. He used constructive criticism to get his point across. He did agree that there has been events that drew people into the town but nothing to hold their attention to keep them coming back. Look at Putnam, they’ve grown incredibly over the years. Their events are many and well attended and those that come, including my family and I, stay and eat there and visit the shops. We also go back because of the wonderful strides they have made. Instead of putting him down and trying to have him ousted, take his points and expand on them and make Griswold a destination that people will enjoy on a regular basis. Isn’t that supposed to be the real Democratic way?

  2. Jeff Rogers

    What on earth is offensive about Ed’s statements???? I 100% agree with him. He provided constructive, well thought criticism and you are offended by that? Get over yourself “Wolverine Radio”. I grew up in this town, I went to GHS, and I left this area as soon as I could. There is absolutely NOTHING for me here. This area has some serious problems and it needs help. Griswold does not have an identity. It will continue to be overlooked if you refuse to listen to outside opinions. Shame on you.

  3. Jeff Rogers

    I agree with you. There was nothing offensive in his statements. Talk about overblown.

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