EB Workers Sent Home after Possible Exposure to Coronavirus

This article was published on: 03/17/20 5:22 PM by Mike Minarsky

This morning, employees from Electric boat were sent home after it was learned that they were possibly exposed to the Coronavirus… A child of one of the employees was tested postive for COVID-19 and did have contact with his father. When it was learned at Electric Boat, employees were sent home.

IN an article from “Patch,” employees have been criticzing the submarine manufacturer for remaining open during the spread of Coronavirus. The New London Day also reported that Electric Boat employees are stating that EB is failing to protect the health of it’s workers by having them show up for work.

Excerpts from this story were taken from theday.com and patch.com

38 Responses to “EB Workers Sent Home after Possible Exposure to Coronavirus”

  1. T. Noserttap

    So EB won’t pay you to stay home unless you tough it out and stay at work in crowded conditions with people hacking up a lung all day until you are definitely exposed to someone with the virus! However if you take proactive measures like I did because of my health risks, I do not get paid. What is wrong with EB??? Do they really think they have the employees best interest at hand or is their profit margin too much of a draw. SMH

  2. Mark

    Nobody is forcing people to stay at EB… We are all adults and make our own risk benefit choices. And electric boat provides ample sick time.

  3. Tigtac

    Only one got sent home n they dont even know if he is positive they sent him home just in case and it wasn’t employee’s it was a one employee

  4. Jack

    Mark made a great statement claiming that they give ample sick time, which is absolutely not true. They don’t give sick time until July, so the first 6 months of the year you only have vacation time. This is not a vacation.. COVID19 has a quarantine time of 2 weeks. If you don’t know how many hours that is, that’s 80 hours. Do you know anyone that starts working at EB with 80 hours? No, you do not, because an overwhelming amount of the employees currently have less than 5 years. So what you’re telling me is that when the state recommends that you close any company with more than 250 employees, and EB ignores that, it’s okay? How about when it gets more serious and they don’t want groups of 10 people or more, that’s still okay to keep the company open? People work at EB like anyone else takes a job anywhere. When EB says you HAVE to keep coming into work despite you potentially catching this illness, that is fine? Despite the state saying they shouldn’t be open. SAFETY is not on the list of their priorities, and it’s undeniable that you’ve never experienced work in the shipyard to post such a comment.

  5. Rick

    Who did they send home? I work there and just got home? This has to be fake. Where is the source? Also Mark, the yard guys do not get enough sick time. 2 days paid sick and 2 days unpaid sick

  6. Dan Kirkland

    I work for EB also I have not been to work because they closed the day care where I take. My grandson and to my knowledge it was just rumor that spread really fast in the facility but as far as I know they can give you a number that they use for snow day and in such events that take place it is unpaid but you won’t lose your job and I believe you can get unemployment or something like it at least that’s what I am trying for

  7. Isaac

    Mark has to be management. And also this is probably from Quonset Point EB. That did happen but he was a superintendent and we’re all still working. No other person from QP EB was sent home.

  8. John

    I heard it was in New London’s office B Tower where the guy had a son/relative confirmed positive.

  9. Jeff

    It’s not paid sick time some people can’t afford to take the time off without the money

  10. PissedOffSpouse


  11. A

    I understand that EB cannot pay everyone to be our for 2 weeks but they should give people a solid option to stay home for 2 weeks excused, even if it’s unpaid. Then people can decide if they want to come to work or not, and the company can stay “open”.

  12. Pete

    8 person cubicle all sent home in NL, one had a kid that tested positive in daycare. Saw them walk out.

  13. Heather Gluck

    It was new London tower b and yes 8 people were sent home. One was tested as his child tested postive. My daughter works in the same tower where this took place today.

  14. M. C.

    8 people were sent home. 1 person has to get tested. This happened in the NL tower B. I work there. It happened. Please don’t shout fake news unless you actually know.

  15. Lisa

    I saw the update on EB RI website. Says that facilities have increased cleaning in high traffic areas. Does that include the bays? How is that possible with 1st 2nd & 3rd shifts? From what I hear no one has seen any cleaning. Maybe they’re doing only the offices. They need to be more specific on what areas are being cleaned. Flexible work arrangements require Director approval. Seriously?? Management needs to step up! Better put in place a plan of action before everyone is affected and all workers are out indefinitely. Nobody has the balls to do what they know is the right thing Disgusting.

  16. Troy

    I work with 2 people that were sent home, one of which there wife was tested positive and he was sent home immediately, another had traveled on an international flight from mexico so they sent him home to be safe, both of which are painters, one in the north yard and one in the south yard, if eb really cared about there employees they would do something instead we are just a number…

  17. We deserve better

    8 people were sent home. And at what point do we do what the union should be doing for us and contact senators. Or tell EB that we wont take this and demand action. The person who was sent home for direct contact has had contact with more the 7 people. Also EB says they are cleaning the builds better but that is a flat out lie.

  18. Shame onyou

    I work in B tower. But All this commenting on do better eb. Let’s hear some proposals then instead of slander. It’s fun to get mad isn’t it makes you feel good. Boo hoo. There’s a international pandemic and I want to whine. I know thinking is hard for you all but if you try, and talk to management rather than crying in a comment section we’d have some results

  19. Union what?

    We deserve better, how do you expect the union to be on our side when the union President has an office w all the heads of EB. That is a conflict of interest.

  20. Another Pissed Employee

    Nah, Mark. We definitely do NOT have plenty of time off. In my first year at EB, and I have NO time off, paid or unpaid. It’s the stingiest time off policy I’ve seen in my life, by far, ANYWHERE.
    This long, delayed “wait and see” approach to an extremely contagious, potentially deadly virus with an unusually long incubation period, is utter negligence.
    If EVER there was a time to be pro-active, rather than reactive, it is NOW.

  21. Mr Tell u truth

    EB doesn’t care enough about its employees. Quonset is still open. The conditions are horrible in there. Osha needs to pay a visit. EBs facilities are not safe, but they push safety so they look like they care. Theres no ventilation, windows sealed shut (we breathing in chemicals all day long) , its dirty everywhere, they only clean when the Navy shows up to do a walk throughs, they have supervisors who have no people skills, destroying employees moral, They can do all the speeches on how much they care about its employees but dont be fooled. Now we breathing in potential Covid-19 air. Thanks EB. At least your STOCk will rise with all the promises you make to the Navy (where the employees suffer)

  22. lottery or bust

    what needs to happen to get the point across is a unified no show day. with no wiggle room in production schedules, one day would get attention. two days would make them think.more might actually get results. and just so you know there are plenty of salary folks in the same bind as the hourly folks.

  23. Kathleen Rourke

    Wow. Most of you sound miserable. Sending lots of positive energy your way.

  24. Michael

    I can attest to the quonsett conditions being filthy. If they had extra cleaning crews they most certianly didnt clean anything in bay 4. Didnt even see Martin’s maintenance there playing on their cell phones all night. Not a single cleaner on staff tonight.

  25. Just another number

    There’s both and good and bad going on. QP has absolutely increased disinfectant use. It’s not “cleaning” so the dirty walls and stuff are still there. The M&M people have backpack sprayers hosing down bathrooms, offices, conference rooms, breakrooms with disinfectant. It kills viruses on contact but doesn’t remove dirt. I stopped and asked exactly what was in the backup instead of just rumors. The bad… Dr. Andrews ignored the company and went on international vacation and now self quarantine. Yup QPs medical director abandoned the site for a vacation… Will she be fired?

  26. FOEB


  27. OldEB

    Just quit and find another job if you hate everything so much. Amazon is hiring and so is Walmart.

  28. EB employee

    They sent home someone that has a son that was at a daycare with another kid that got it!! His kid did NOT have it! It was a precaution since his kid MAY get it from that kid in daycare which in turn he MAY get it from his kid! So they sent him and his cubemates home

  29. elsie dart

    We Are Supposed to stay away from Crowds of 10 or more People, LMFAO, I thought E.B. had More then 10 People
    working there. What’s up with that?

  30. EB Employee welder

    I’m a worker for EB. For all those making excuses for EB. Can live in your imaginary land. Worst place to be in this situation. I’ll stay home with no pay. You can risk it yourself EB is a schedule before safety always been always will

  31. Concerned Employee

    If I lied as much as the spokespeople for the company I know I wouldn’t have a job!!

  32. Kerin mckenna

    I just worry about the health of some of the older workers that may have other medical issues.

  33. Doug E Fresh

    If you all don’t like it, go work for another company. You bunch of babies

  34. The Wife of a Guy Who Escaped EB and life is so much better now.

    No one has sick time to cover this. People have to choose to go unpaid if they are hourly. So let’s be clear on the motivations here:

    If they close/furlough, they can’t bill the government and make their money.
    Employees, however, could actually stay home, stay safe, reduce virus transmission, and collect unemployment.

    Technology that allows people to work from home! EB does not value this modern way of working and are determined to stay in their 1970s time-clock-punching old school way of working.
    There is a lot of work that can be done remotely that does NOT pose a national security risk. Yet, there are secure methods like VPNs that would allow their workers to stay home, stay safe, reduce virus transmission, and continue to work.

    In this case, they are not only risking EB staff, but their families as well!!! The virus moves too fast and incubates for too long before symptoms start showing. Continuing to keep their sites open is putting thousands of our friends, neighbors, and families at risk. And for what exactly?!

    The bottom line will always come before their workers’ wellbeing.

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