Driver’s A Little More Cautious This Thanksgiving…. SO FAR

This article was published on: 11/27/15 1:08 PM by Mike Minarsky

ThConnecticut State Police badgee Connecticut State Police is supplementing its normal patrol force with additional State Troopers throughout this Thanksgiving Holiday weekend.  The operation began at midnight. on Wednesday, and will conclude at midnight. on Sunday 11/29/2015. Troopers are patrolling roads and highways across Connecticut, focusing on drunken driving violations and aggressive drivers. Up Until today, there have been just under 400 speeding tickets issued and under 100 seatbelt violations with the click it or ticket campaign, also there have been less violations reported this year so far in the “Other” category which would consist of actions like unsafe lane changes and cell phone operation. There have been no fatalities reported on connecticut roadways so far this holiday weekend, there was only one last year

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