Dog Bite Victim In Wauregan Actually From Same Address That

This article was published on: 09/6/17 8:46 PM by Mike Minarsky

On September 2, 2017 at approximately 4:45 PM members of the Plainfield Police Department responded to William W. Backus Emergency Care Center located in Plainfield, Connecticut for a report of a female who suffered serious injuries due to a dog bite.

During the initial investigation, it was reported that while walking on South Walnut Street in the Wauregan Village of Plainfield, the victim Jade J. Santiago (21) was attacked by a Pitbull causing serious physical injuries to her face. The victim’s boyfriend, Nicholas Guarneri (23), reported that he kicked the Pitbull off of her and it took off running. The victim was then driven to the hospital for treatment. The dog was described as being a grey Pitbull with white front paws.  This also initiated a press release to the public looking for assistance in finding the dog that was responsible for the attack on Santiago.

Based on the information given to police, members of the Plainfield Police Department were unable to locate any evidence consistent with what was reported. Even after an extensive neighborhood canvass to include the entire village of Wauregan, the Plainfield Police Department could not locate any witnesses. After viewing the media interviews with SANTIAGO and GUARNERI, members of the Plainfield Police Department observed several discrepancies.

The ongoing investigation revealed that the dog attack actually took place within the victim’s residence of 110 South Walnut Street, Wauregan. The dog was identified as a house hold pet belonging to another household resident. The dog, a brindle Pitbull, was subsequently located in the Town of Sterling and is being quarantined at the Plainfield Animal Control Facility.

This investigation remains active.

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