Deponte Wins 45th District Democratic Primary (town by town breakdown included)

This article was published on: 08/11/20 10:27 PM by Mike Minarsky

Dr. Mark Deponte used the slogan “Put a Doctor in the House” and so far it’s working as he defeated challenger Pam Patalano by over a 2-1 margin.  Deponte took all towns in the 45th with the closest gap being in Voluntown where the Doctor won 102-77.

Votes by town are as follows:

Griswold:  Deponte 545  Patalano 244

Plainfield: Deponte 134  Patalano 65

Voluntown: Deponte 102  Patalano 77

Lisbon:  Deponte 92  Patalano 28

Sterling:  Deponte 88  Patalano 33

Total:  Deponte 961 Patalano 447

Deponte will now move on to the November election where he will face incumbent Republican Brian Lanoue who is seeking his 2nd term after defeating Steve Mikutel 2 years ago.

Deponte was named the Democratic candidate at their convention this year after a 7-6 vote between him and Patalano.  Democratic Convention Chairman, Tom Sinkewicz had to cast the deciding vote which went to Deponte as the vote was deadlocked at 6 each.  Since Patalano had garnered enough votes, she earned the right to primary Deponte.

There is still a chance that Patalano pulls this off.  The 5 towns within the 45th district are still waiting on mail in ballots that had to be postmarked by today, August 11, 2020.  Therefore there isn’t a declared winner as of yet since they are waiting on those to arrive and Thursday, August 13, 2020 is that deadline.  Statistically, she would need all mail in votes to go her way to win.

This is the first election in Deponte’s political career.  This is the 2nd for Patalano.  Last year she ran for a seat on the Griswold Board of Education.

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