This article was published on: 05/23/20 4:31 PM by Mike Minarsky

WETHERSFIELD– The Connecticut Labor Department has been awarded a $2.33 million federal grant to create temporary disaster-relief jobs for dislocated workers and other eligible individuals, along with employment and training services, as well as any necessary supports. The Disaster Recovery National Health Emergency Dislocated Worker Grant was awarded to assist the state as it continues to successfully respond to challenges resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak.

“During these difficult times, this funding from the US Department of Labor will help our state get back to business even more quickly by providing jobs that have been created as a result of the pandemic, as well as the necessary training,” said State Labor Commissioner Kurt Westby.

Westby noted that the grant will be used to address critical needs resulting from the COVID-19 public health emergency that has impacted every part of the state, including the unprecedented surge in unemployed individuals; the public health crisis straining the healthcare infrastructure; and the increased demand for workers in disaster-relief and humanitarian assistance jobs.

“A wide range of Connecticut employers, including private-sector businesses, community-based organizations, and municipalities, will have the opportunity to leverage the funding to fill and create a variety of temporary disaster-relief jobs that support efforts to combat the COVID-19 crisis. These jobs will provide re-employment opportunities and will help stimulate Connecticut’s economic recovery,” Westby said.

The agency expects the disaster-relief jobs to fall into three job categories: cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting public facilities; delivering medicine, food, or other supplies to quarantined individuals and vulnerable populations; and health care support jobs to assist with sick and vulnerable individuals.

The Labor Department will partner with the state’s five regional Workforce Development Boards and their employer partners to implement these programs.  The five Boards are Capital Workforce Partners, Eastern CT Workforce Investment Board, Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board, The WorkPlace, and Workforce Alliance.

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