Counterfeit Goods Seized at New Haven Flea Market

This article was published on: 05/25/16 11:05 PM by Curt

$2 million in counterfeit goods, enough to fill 15 trucks, was seized from the New Haven flea market on Saturday. Twenty-eight people were arrested during the raid.

A two month investigation into counterfeit items being sold, was investigated by the New Haven Police Department, the Connecticut State Police, and Homeland Security.

Among the counterfeit items seized were imitation brand-name handbags, shoes, clothing and perfumes reported to have cause skin rashes and even more serious health related injuries.

Officers confiscated counterfeit UGG boots, North Face clothing, and Michael Kors handbags which police witnessed counterfeit labels being applied.

State Police will continue in their efforts to locate and seize counterfeit goods being sold.

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