Coolidge Bond Lowered to $150,000 During Homicide Investigation, Remains in Custody

This article was published on: 12/20/19 8:56 PM by Mike Minarsky

37 year old Keith T. Coolidge who is suspected to have killed his step brother, 47 year old Keith C. Coolidge, was arrested on Thursday evening at approximately 6:30 PM for violating the terms of a restraining order.  The 37 year old Coolidge has yet to be formerly charged with the murder, although the investigation is being continued by Plainfield Police and the Eastern District Major Crime Squad out of Troop D Danielson.

He was initially held on $250,000 bond, but the presiding judge lowered the bond to $150,000 with special conditions.  Those conditions being that if Coolidge does get bonded out, he will be fitted with a GPS ankle bracelet.  As of this writing, (12/20/19, 3:50 PM) he has not made bail and according to a conversation with the Plainfield Police, is being transported to Corrigan Correctional Facility for additional processing.

The news of the lower bond and being entered into the GPS system has been a hot topic on social media on Friday with posts stating that Coolidge was no longer in custody.

2 Responses to “Coolidge Bond Lowered to $150,000 During Homicide Investigation, Remains in Custody”

  1. Robin Cote

    Should be locked up indefinitely. This animal is a danger to society. He has serious mental issues just before this happened he had a female held hostage for days repeatedly rapping her.That female was someone’s dauther.Keep his Ass behind bars where he belongs.

  2. Bubba

    Why do we give this shit stain free meal and room & board?? Just take him outback, waste a bullet and rid CT of a POS!!!

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